Taking a Green step further
is our ongoing process.
The operation of industrial container recycling is an inherently a green operation. Reconditioning a used container uses one third the energy and generates one quarter the amount of solid waste than manufacturing a new container.
Patrick J. Kelly Drums, Inc. will strive to provide a safe sustainable work environment for our employees producing finished products and raw materials that promote a limited impact on the environment.
Sustainability is the property of operational systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely.
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Generate less than 2/3 CO2 then a new drum for a total savings of 8,900,000 million pounds of CO2.

300,000 gallons of rain water collected for washing containers.

4,000,000 pounds of HDPE plastic diverted from landfills

40,000 gallons hazardous petroleum residues converted to secondary fuels

About Us


Patrick J. Kelly Drums is a family owned and operated business. For over 30 years, we have strived to incorporate our core family values in every facet of our Company from employee development, our daily operations, environmental concerns, and most importantly customer relations. The different generations have brought visionary leadership skills to our company that help maintain the trust and loyalty that our customers and employees expect. During the continual growth process of expanding facilities, modernization of process equipment, staff expansion and reduction of environmental footprint the core values of relationships with all involved are not lost. We hope that you all can grow with our family!




The operation of industrial container recycling is an inherently a green operation. Reconditioning a used container uses one third the energy and generates one quarter the amount of solid waste than manufacturing a new container. We presently have seven independent processes that minimize our impact on the environment.

Over half of our labor forces of “green collar” workers live within walking or bicycling distance from our two factories.

Trucks are dispatched so that every round trip from the factory has a front and a back haul.

When production ends for the day the factories go into an energy saver mode that includes turning off of non essential lights, reducing HVAC loads, and putting boilers compressors and other equipment on standby or off altogether. Some of these processes are automated, future plans call for complete automation of energy use.

When appropriate for operations we collect rain water as a feed stock to our rinse and wash operations. We also manage storm water that may otherwise go into public sewers and transfer that water to our stone covered trailer storage yard so that water may recharge the ground water.

Waste water management processes include the reclamation of hydrocarbons by an offsite recycler and the washing and rinsing of residues from containers in a way to maximize the service life of the water.

Segregating, washing, shredding, & regrinding of scrap plastic is managed logistically to provide a reliable raw material to our vendors. These vendors are audited to insure that our raw material is used in factories within the United States. There finished product may be exported but the conversion of our raw material to a finished product is done in the US. This is important in continuing the growth in the US of markets that make products from our types of plastics. There is continuing pressure from abroad for these raw materials. Shipping these materials half way around the world degrades the opportunity for reliable US supply and generates greenhouse gasses in the transportation process.

Steel containers that are reconditioned require the least amount of energy use. These containers retain their original configuration. Steel containers that are remanufactured or converted from closed head to open head require more energy. These two operations are still a sustainable process as an unwanted container is converted to a wanted container replacing the need for the manufacture of a new container. Steel containers that cannot be reused are crushed to create the most efficient transportation of the scrap to the scrap yard.

Our Products

  • Poly Drums
  • Steel Drums
  • FIbre Drums
  • Totes
  • Plastic Shredding
  • Hazmat Boxes
  • Used Gaylord Boxes
  • Plastic Pails

Our Services

Drum/Tote Destruction

Patrick J. Kelly Drums knows that certain clients have understandable liability issues with the prospect of having drum or totes that once held their products reconditioned and then sent back out into the marketplace. For these clients, PKD will wash, shred, and then grind their containers into a valuable reusable raw material to be sold in the commodities market. PKD can also provide certificates of destruction for such services.

Drum/Tote Reconditioning

Patrick J. Kelly Drums reconditions and remanufactures Steel, Plastic, and Fiber drums of all makes and sizes as well as IBC’s/Totes.

Distribution Services

Patrick J. Kelly Drums is one of the largest distributers on the East Coast of new plastic drums and pails; steel and fiber drums. We represent the big three along with other specialty new manufactures.  Our in-house fleet of trucks and trailers along with contracted long haulers can provide nationwide service.

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Patrick J Kelly Drums, Inc. is committed to making our community and planet a safe and comfortable place to live so we are always open to new and innovative suggestions from our local community and customers, future, present and longstanding. We are available to answer your questions regarding compliance, services and products.

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